Political Animals

Political Animals are drawn exclusively for twitter, with input from the twitter community.

Merry Xmas from the Royals!xmas

Welcome to Gee 20!!


Team Straya Anniversary


Team Strayamug

Turnbullus cheshireusMAL

Lord Monkus returns!


The Carbon tax is dead, long live the King!


The Sleep of reason (after Goya)sleep-of-reason-wp

Dawn of the Dud..Budget 14day-of-the-dud-word

The Wrecking Ball we had to have!

wrecking ball wordpress

Welcome to the Jungleanimals latest new words2

The Royal Familyroyals-final-2

Gillardus foxus and Ruddus zombus exituszombies-word-1

Bishopus felineus and Abbottus monkusjulie bishop

Albos canineusALBO FB

Welcome to the Lucky Countryimmigraton-twitter

Hockeyus porkusjoe final imagshk

Kevinus whiteantuskevin

Morrisonus vulturusmorrison

Blinkus Billusblinky bill

Pinkus poodleus pyneuspyne wpress

Bobus carrcatoousbob carr wpress

Bishopus motherhenusbonwyn bishop final2

Keatingus felineuskeating final

Cliveus toadosaurusclive

Abbottus monkusabbott lg

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